Are you ready to travel to the 70s on a musical journey led by Rilo Wye? The Los Angeles-based artist takes us back to a particularly important time in music when simplicity was the backbone of an honest way of understanding music. Riley Sieverts' new indie project now presents us with his new single, Glass, which is about being lonely and wanting more. “Staring through a glass window or a glass phone screen or a beverage glass, daydreaming and trying to predict your future,” the singer comments on his latest release.
Having grown up in Honolulu, surrounded by a mix of Rastafarian and surf-punk culture, playing in reggae and rock bands throughout his youth, Rilo Wye is the result of a search for a personal sound through the natural shimmer of real instruments and analogue gear. “This song was one of the first I fully recorded and produce from my home studio in Los Angeles,” says the singer when asked about Glass, his emotionally charged new release with which he opens up with his audience. “Surfing was my first passion. As a kid, I spent hours watching old surf videos, and that vibe hovers in the background of every track I make.”

The truth is that the relaxed atmosphere where everything seems to be fine and problems are left aside during the three and a half minutes that the song lasts is to be appreciated in a musical panorama defined by the frenetic rhythm and trends. While many artists release songs that fit the sound that people seem to demand, other singers stay true to themselves as a way to connect with people. And Rilo Wye certainly belongs to this second group.
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