Reya's newly released single is whole a declaration of intentions. The London-based dark pop artist immerses us through kinda like it in an atmosphere defined by empowerment, self-confidence and determination. This new track sees the artist fighting back, as she puts herself in the villains' shoes after being disrespected for too long and realizing she actually likes it, and it comes after having released attention which narrates owning who you are. Welcome to the new era of Reya, who still has a lot to say through her musical project.
“It was written during a time when I felt like I constantly got wronged by a person, and I put up with it for too long. I wanted to envision myself doing the same bad things to them as they did to other people,” says the artist who recently rebranded after previously creating music under a different name. Starting a new chapter and finally creating music that she has complete control over, Reya has learned a lot from the experiences she’s lived, she has taken note of everything and now she knows what she truly wants in her life.

“Step by step, and one way of doing so, was by saying no thank you to certain behaviours and taking charge,” she says of the underlying theme in her new music which is essentially taking back control. “Choosing yourself is always worth the growing pains,” she adds about this transformation we of course notice in her sound, which is much more raw and real. Kinda like it welcomes us to this new stage with a shadowy and eerie energy, as a menacing beat and mischievous lyrics transport listeners to the dark side. And this is just the beginning.
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