It’s that time of the year again: we reflect on these past months to see our ups and downs, our accomplishments and failures, our best and worst. And, of course, we do this while thinking on what’s next, on what will the new year bring us. The team at Cape Town’s Smith gallery does so as well with Rendezvous II, a group exhibition featuring more than twenty artists who’ve created a special piece each “that represents the best of their current practice”, curator Jana Terblanche explains.
On view until January 11, 2020, the exhibition is, in Terblanche’s words, “a celebration of all that was achieved in 2019, and looks towards 2020 with renewed energy and a sense of optimism.” Through a wide range of expressions spanning painting, sculpture, textile art, light work, drawing and photography, Rendezvous II gathers the work of of twenty-four different artists tackling themes such as identity, art history, feminism, portraiture, rituals, culture, representation, absence or mythology among others. If you’re in the South African city, head to Smith and don’t miss the works of, among others, Talia Ramkilawan, Stephen Allwright, Rosie Mudge, Nabeeha Mohamed, Thandiwe Msebenzi, Gabrielle Raaff, Marsi van de Heuvel, Michaela Younge, Lulama Wolf, Grace Cross, Katharien de Villiers, and Elsabé Milandri.
The exhibition Rendezvous II is on view until January 11, 2020, at Smith gallery, 56 Church Street, Cape Town.
2. Talia Ramkilawan  Untitled Ix  2019  Jpeg.jpg
Talia Ramkilawan
1.michaela Younge  One Weird Trick They Don’t Want You to Know  2019.jpg
Michaela Younge
6. Michael Linders  Artifact 1  2019.jpg
Michael Linders
Michael Linders
8. Qaqambile Bead Studio  Umgqungqo  2019.jpg
Qaqambile Bead Studio
9. Brett Charles Seiler  Foolish  2019.jpg
Brett Charles Seiler
3. Sethembile Msezane  I Grow Tired of Telling You  They Are Already Here Iii  Philip Kgosana Drive  Cape Town  2018.jpg
Sethembile Msezane
10. Marsi Van De Heuvel  Good Manners   2019.jpg
Marsi van de Heuvel
7. Nabeeha Mohamed  Self Portrait (a Very Serious Artist)   2019.jpg
Nabeeha Mohamed
4. Rosie Mudge  the Way (havana)  2019.jpg
Rosie Mudge