It seems like Yuval Havkin aka Rejoicer loved to explore his individual sound after releasing the album While You Are There just a couple of months ago, and today he’s back with a couple of news: he’s planning on releasing a new album, This Is Reasonable, out April 12th via Circus Company, and today he’s giving us a first taste of how it will sound through the single I Think This Is Reasonable.
Since his early beginnings in the music industry, Rejoicer has worked side by side with different artists and released many collaborative records. For example, in the last two years, he published Too Much Too Soon with iogi, The Audience with Eyal Talmudi, and Help With Your Heart with Avishai Cohen and the Jimi Prasad Orchestra. However, at the end of 2023, the artist delved deep into his own sound by going solo and releasing a sixteen-track LP influenced by jazz.
In I Think This Is Reasonable, his new single, out today, Rejoicer takes a step forward into new, uncharted territory for him. Inspired by the early works of Aphex Twin on Warp and Fela Kuti’s search “for harmonies between bass, keyboards and percussion,” Yuval explores electronic sounds through Prophet 6 and 8 synths, a Minimoog, and his Fender Rhodes keyboard. And even though this single is more sequenced, it still reminds listeners of his previous, more organic sounds. This new approach is also reflected in the visuals. Tapping French illustrator Sébastien Plassard for the cover of his new song, where we see a family on a beach at night under the moonlight, Rejoicer is embarking on a new journey where peacefulness meets bewitching melodies.