Greetings from Mexico City, where we've travelled along with Red Bull on the occasion of a historic event. There is just one day left until the world's biggest freestyle event, the Red Bull Batalla International Final 2022. An essential event with this discipline that has admirers and professionals all over the world, in which the sixteen best Spanish-speaking freestyle talents will compete for the coveted title. A title held until now by Aczino, current International Champion, who could become the first three-time champion in the history of the event. You can watch the show live tomorrow on Red Bull TV and the Red Bull Batalla YouTube channel.
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A few hours before knowing who will be the winner of the 2022 Red Bull Batalla International Final, there’s a sense of nerves and the desire to rock the stage permeates an atmosphere full of talent and energy. Not every day we are lucky enough to meet the sixteen best Spanish-speaking freestyle talents from around the world in the same room, being able to enjoy their art and share some time with them to learn more about their lives, their beginnings in this discipline and know how they feel moments before competing.
Among the finalists in the competition, there are three Spaniards. Blon, current National Champion of Spain, Gazir, third classified in the 2021 International, and Skone, 2021 International runner-up who will fight to finally achieve the two-time championship for the third consecutive year. Three promising profiles who have also travelled to Mexico accompanied by Red Bull and are willing to leave us speechless with their exhibition tomorrow at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City.
Do you want to know the other participants who are competing for the award? They are Carpediem (Colombia), Choque (Peru), Diego Flores (Ecuador) Éxodo Lirical (Central America), Jokker (Chile), Mecha (Argentina), Rapder (Mexico) – replacing the United States champion, Oner, who will not be present in this edition –, Spektro (Uruguay), Teorema (Chile), Wolf (Argentina), Yoiker (Mexico) and Skiper (Mexico). Who will win? In a few hours, we will know who the winner is, while we only have to enjoy their talent and get ready for an event that we will remember for a long time, in which the MC, host and leading communicator of hip-hop culture MC Rama, will be there, among others.
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