If you’re in New York City, don’t miss the exhibition Reclamation at gallery Sean Kelly. In collaboration with Nxthvn,  a new institution “that empowers emerging artists and curators of colour through education and access to a vibrant ecosystem,” the group show features its Cohort 04 Studio Fellowship artists –Anindita Dutta, Donald Guevara, Ashanté Kindle, Athena Quispe, Edgar Serrano, and Capt. James Stovall V– and is curated by Curatorial Fellows Cornelia Stokes and Kiara Cristina Ventura.
Through painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, and performance, the six selected artists “challenge the perceptible limits of our social conditioning and humanity” while interrogating and reclaiming “the power of Western consumption as it relates to notions of beauty, art history, religion, spirituality, and sexuality.” For example, Edgar Serrano’s works, which combine oil painting and embroidery, confront traditional Western portraiture by critiquing European art’s misappropriation of indigenous artistic and cultural traditions in Africa and Latin America (for example in Cubism). On a similar note, Athena Quispe takes pride in her Quechua heritage and critiques the Westernisation and commodification of Indigenous art (rebranded as New Age spirituality) through her sculptures and interactive installations.

Until August 11, you can see the work of these promising artists that offer food for thought on learned concepts related to authenticity, identity, and belonging.
Anindita Dutta 5.jpg
Anindita Dutta
Ashante Kindle.jpg
Ashanté Kindle
Athena Quispe 4.jpg
Athena Quispe
Capt. James Stovall V 3.jpg
Capt. James Stovall V
Donald Guevara 1.jpg
Donald Guevara
Edgar Serrano 4.jpg
Edgar Serrano