Today we have premieres. Rari, the electronic music project by producer Raphaël Jomaux, is presenting his new four-track EP titled Dissolve. His musical identity is based on a visually immersive aspect, blending pop with sonic landscapes, transcending genre boundaries. Thus, he creates stories intertwined with his music, forming a universe of light and hope but also of anger and sadness. You might wonder, what does he offer in this EP?
His style is inspired by traditional club music but also, surprisingly to many, by post-rock. Dissolve is a mix of all Rari’s influences, showcasing his most introspective and creative side. He explores genres from electronic and breaks to ambient, kosmische, and intriguingly, progressive techno. He sets his own rules and shapes his unique understanding of music. The main theme is the act of overcoming ego to break free from mental blocks and embrace all the new life has to offer. His sonic explorations evoke nostalgia, reflecting on our role in the world in a passive-aggressive manner amidst a sea of memories and experiences where we've faltered, yet must move forward with heads held high. To convey this, the artist has incorporated internet voices (obviously modified) into the songs.
It begins with Ego Death, accompanied by a music video that, I must warn, is beautiful but soul-crushing. The foundation of the song is loneliness, portrayed by an older man eagerly awaiting the visit of his daughter who never arrives. The song perfectly embodies this narrative, with lyrics serving as an inner chant. IFT explores the effort to break free. The light harmony, devoid of overwhelming elements, along with the woman's voice, transports you to an almost liberating setting where honesty is the hallmark. It breaks through trancey synth vibes, but this is just the beginning of his sonic exploration.

Steady State
changes the dynamic of the EP, shifting from introspective journey to a club setting. It's a bold techno-house track with a rhythm almost reaching 130 BPM, yet filled with ethereal touches characteristic of the artist's sound. Boy closes this first introduction to the world of Rari, a solid club track where melody clashes with rhythm, creating a hit that starts hard and ends even harder, but in the middle, it pauses to make room for a sound that floods the senses. If you're into electronic music, don’t miss it.