New year, new releases. 2023 welcomes us with the announcement of new projects that we cannot wait to see. Today we talk about one of them, the announcement of Rarelyalways's forthcoming debut album WORK, due March 10 via Innovative Leisure. You can now pre-order the new project by London's own multidisciplinary artist, which includes 14 tracks and promises to give a lot to talk about in the coming months. But, as if that were not enough, today he’s also giving us a sneak peek. He's sharing the lead single, LET'S, and visuals to the b-side, Voice note 0142, both directed by MadeInEden.
There is no better way to start the year than with announcements of new releases. Even more so after 2 particularly difficult years as a result of the pandemic, in which many projects were suspended or permanently cancelled. So the fact that the artists already anticipate everything that is to come and let us listen to part of what they have prepared is something that we must celebrate. Rarelyalways has waited until today to let us discover a little preview of his forthcoming debut album WORK, which we can listen to in its entirety in two months.

The lead single, LET'S, arrives with visuals directed by MadeInEden portraying Rarelyalways lounging in a bed with Precious Joie on a rooftop in London as they peek out at each other beneath eye masks and playfully start a pillow fight. Besides immersing us in this exciting audiovisual piece, he unveils Voice note 0142, also directed by MadeInEden, which sonically showcases the more jazzy side of his roots as a jazz bassist. This is just the beginning!