You might feel identified with the new single released by RAGS AND RICHES, holiday. Not only because we all enjoy having a few days off for ourselves, travelling to disconnect from the routine or being able to stop the mind for a few hours. Brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt are inspired in their new release by the boredom and exhaustion that the schedule in which they were living was causing them. This is a reality common to many people, who seek to get out of the full agendas, at least for a second. And even put the schedule aside and live life to the fullest!
Who has not felt drowned in an agenda full of commitments, meetings and project deliveries with impossible deadlines? Have you never got tired of the routine, feeling that you wanted to change your life completely? Or has the idea of giving a radical turn to your way of living, going to another country and starting from scratch come to mind? If you've ever felt this way, the new single from the adrenalized American alt-pop band RAGS AND RICHES is for you. “We had been doing the same schedule for a few years and this was our ‘get me out of this way of living’ mindset,” they say.

In collaboration with director and cinematographer Austin Barron / 35 Visual, the music video that comes along with this release perfectly shows the essence of the new single. This is a carefree anthem about living your life to the fullest, a song with which to reconnect with yourself and remind yourself that there is life beyond imposed schedules and work routines. “Peyton produced the beat and then we called our good friend DeMarko Murphy in to help write this one. Between the three of us I think we nailed the carefree/get me out of this ‘normal’ way of living,” adds Tanner.