International sales, clients worldwide, press coverage or fashion shows in major fashion capitals. Fashion brands that do stay on the road as they grow, those that manage to overcome the obstacles in an industry that has to adapt itself at full speed to changes in consumer habits and communication channels, can gain a foothold in the sector maintained over time. But how do they achieve that much-desired and difficult goal? Racer Worldwide, a fashion creative collective with a passion for progress, innovation, and originality founded in 2017 in Estonia, is determined to tell us this process full of ups and downs. Now they’re releasing the second part of their documentary/podcast series.
Taking us behind the scenes of the brand and telling us the whole story of how Racer Worldwide was created, the team behind this intrinsically connected to the Gen Z brand share their thoughts, experiences and opinions in a very interesting documentary/podcast series. Its founder Mihhail Zigadlo, who started the brand when he was only 16, talks with some members of the team to continue exploring the history of this fashion brand that is committed to young talent and fights to decentralize the industry by taking not only the influence but also control and ownership.

They are Vadim Stupakov (team member since day one, production manager), Nikita Kudrjavtsev (one of the first customers of the brand, currently production manager), Ekaterina Shekhovtsova (one of the first customers of the brand, former support manager, currently member of the Creative Department), Jüri Belov (member of the Creative Department, producer and photographer) and Kristofer Kamberg (member of the Creative Department member, YouTube manager, videographer). After sharing the first part of the documentary under the title How to start a fashion brand at 16?, now they present the second episode, Should you start a fashion brand? You can watch it here.