Designed for those non-conforming, the new collection from Puma and Pleasures roars like a racing car engine. Their second creative endeavour, which carries over from their first-ever seasonal offering in 2023 – plus the previous Suede XL and Velophasis sneaker collaborations –, is injected with adrenaline, strength and eagerness to eat the world. This is their personal “recipe for destruction,” as we can read in some of the garments. It’s a statement of intent. A recipe created from a mutual understanding which seems to have a bright future.
Collaborations between brands with a very recognisable heritage and distinctive identity are no easy task. Striking a balance, creating a dialogue in which every project involved can be honest with themselves, and shaping a product that satisfies every wish of all parties are some of the phases that constitute this difficult process. Puma and Pleasures tested how working together was and achieved a great result, and that’s why they’re now presenting the second chapter of their alliance.
Puma x Pleasures Part Two is available exclusively on the Pleasures website from tomorrow and on, Puma flagship stores, and selected retailers from Saturday. We won’t have to wait any more to get their cut-and-sew items, graphic shirts, accessories, two bold takes on the Puma Spirex sneaker, and a new edition of the TS-01 slip-on. Let’s welcome a new episode of this promising collaboration in which racing and punk motifs converge. Puma x Pleasures Part Two is designed for all those who are not afraid of speed and always want more and more.
Motorsport cues and engineered materials across a monotone colour palette featuring bold neon pops are found in the pieces that make up this new collection, which comes with its own high-speed visuals, with logo play mixed throughout. The sporty DNA of this latest release is transferred onto the garments, integrating into the matching Cellerator Track Jacket and Cellerator Track Pants, while streetwear essentials like the LS Tee and Graphic Tee come with curated graphics.
If we look at the accessories, we’d say the highlights are the Cap and Cross Body Bag, which feature logo play across their designs. And the footwear, of course, is fantastic and coherent. Pleasures reimagines the new Spirex silhouette, an asymmetrical design that takes cues from Y2K-era running spikes. A special mention for the Pleasures’ covert take on the TS-01, which features a padded quilt upper and buckle closure.
The countdown for Puma x Pleasures Part Two is already coming to a close. Are you ready to burn rubber?