First day of Primavera Sound done and dusted. Amidst all the stuff we had to catch yesterday, we couldn’t miss out on the DJs who rocked the Dream Valley by Pull&Bear, as part of their new project, Not Just a DJ. Hanging out there were model and actor Terence Munzemba, photographer and filemaker Maddie Jean Watterhouse, and model Zengxrl. Turns out, they’ve all dabbled behind the decks at some point in their lives. We had a chat to get to know them a bit better.
Terence Munzemba
Terence is a versatile DJ who explores the boundaries of sound with a mix of hip-hop, R&B, afro, electronic, and funky beats. He is not only a master at creating enchanting music but also an actor, dancer, and a model, and in fact, some time ago, we worked with him on this editorial shot by photographer Nick Van Tiem. Yesterday, we were able to enjoy his musical alchemy in the Dream Valley of Pull&Bear.
What is your relationship with music and since when are you DJing?
My relationship with music began very early when my parents often played Congolese music for me from a young age. At a certain point, I started listening to various genres and frequently watched MTV or TMF for music, after which I would always dance in front of the TV. I wanted to learn to DJ and take dance lessons, but due to my difficult childhood, it wasn’t possible. Fortunately, I eventually managed to do everything I wanted and continued with it. Since last summer, I’ve been DJing for people and have played at every place I could since my first booking. I have fallen so deeply in love with DJing that I want to give a piece of myself to others and fill the dance floor with movement.
What inspired you to create the set for Not Just a DJ?
My inspiration comes from various sources. My previous experience in Barcelona already gave me many ideas on how I would like to build my set for an international audience. Additionally, I draw a lot of inspiration from my DJ platform Soundscape, where I constantly discover and share new music and styles. I also have a few close friends who have always supported and inspired me with their own passion for music. Their enthusiasm and creativity have encouraged me to try something new and unique, which I am sure people will enjoy and dance to. It is my dream to fill the dance floor and get everyone moving, and Primavera Sound offers me the perfect opportunity to do so.
You are part of the Not Just a DJ crew from Pull&Bear, what do you think you bring to the project?
I bring my emotions, inspiration, and representation to everyone who can connect with me on any level. I believe that my unique perspective and passion for music make a significant contribution to the project. It’s not easy to juggle so many things at once while pursuing your dreams and goals, but that’s what makes it so valuable. I hope to give the project the best experience and a piece of myself, leaving something meaningful for the future.

Maddie Jean Watterhouse
Model, photographer, filmmaker, and now a DJ, Maddi Jean Waterhouse made her mark by releasing her first EP as a singer/songwriter at 21. Transitioning to DJing, she swiftly garnered international recognition for her lively and dynamic sets, known for their dreamy transitions across diverse musical genres.
What is your relationship with music? Do you usually play music, or is this a special occasion?
Music is a big part of my world. I have endless playlists and listen to a lot of different genres, from classical piano to hyperpop. When I find a song I love, I get obsessed and play it on repeat. I wish I were better at taking my time with them! As a teenager, I had a feeling that music would play a role in my future, but I wasn’t sure how. I had always wanted to DJ, but for some reason, I believed I wasn’t technical enough. I think part of this idea came from growing up with the belief that being a DJ was a man’s job. Eventually, I realised how silly that was, so I bought some decks on Facebook Marketplace and started to learn. Since then, my connection with music has grown even more, and I love that it keeps expanding! I also sing, and I worked on creating my own EP in my late teens. I think this is something I would like to return to in the future too.
What inspired you to create the DJ set for Primavera Sound?
Creating my set for Primavera Sound is a special full-circle moment for me. I used to live in Barcelona in 2022, where I first started to DJ and took lessons. Returning to play at Primavera feels so cool! My set is inspired by the life I miss in Spain by the ocean, capturing that carefree and happy feeling of the start of summer. It's an homage to my past self, who would be so excited to see this moment come to life!
You are part of the Not Just a DJ crew from Pull&Bear. What do you think you bring to the project?
Being a film photographer and filmmaker, I have a strong visual sense and a passion for storytelling and capturing special moments. I have always loved expressing myself through fashion, and all these avenues help me create my own world. My DJing is an extension of this world, cantered around good energy, happiness, authenticity, joy, and my love and connection to the universe. This hopefully adds a distinctive and lively energy to the crew!
What are your DJ sets like?
Full of high-energy filled with electronic, house, and pop music that will boost your serotonin levels. I mix familiar songs with tracks you’ll want to add to your playlist. For me, the best sets are the ones where you can have the most fun with your friends, so that’s my priority – nothing too serious.
Tell me a song that is always present in your sets.
Without a doubt, I always have at least one Charli XCX song in my set, no matter the occasion.

Based in Barreiro, on the outskirts of Lisbon, but with her Angolan roots ever-present, ZenGxrl is a DJ who seamlessly blends African sounds with funk and electronic music. She represents Lisbon’s celebrated new sound, which embodies a fusion of the Portuguese capital, its outskirts, and the influence of the city's African diaspora.
What does music mean to you?
Music is not something I approach rationally or can easily put into words; it’s primarily a feeling of home.
What inspired you to create the set for Not Just a DJ?
I was mainly inspired by the opportunity to perform at Primavera Sound. The gravity of this event and the responsibility it entails motivated me. Despite feeling nervous, I was also optimistic about the experience.
What are your DJ sets like?
I aim for people to have a fantastic time and feel a deep connection to the music. My goal is to translate both my own and the audience's emotions into the music. Additionally, I strive to challenge stereotypes associated with specific genres.
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