Art and design are made up of different elements. Line, shape, colour, texture, form and space. All of them at the service of values. Because art and design are also made up of the many millions of combinations of signs and symbols put together to send a message and provoke a reaction. And that is exactly what Raphael Young has achieved with the United States brand PUBLIC SERV-CE. “I had this project in mind for years,” the Seoul-born designer says. After launching his eponymous label in 2008 and having Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Rihanna among his customers, this South Korean designer worked for Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Off-White. At some point, he decided to create a new world where eco-consciousness, biotechnologies, design and innovation all coexist and move us on a progressive path toward the future.
PUBLIC SERV-CE is a phygital native bio-sportswear and sneakers company that is elevating and morphing athleisure into a lifestyle revolution. Sustainable and recycled materials combined with state-of-the-art designs and innovative eco-friendly treatments such as DynaMint®, BioDry® and BioSoft®. Currently available online and in major retail experiential stores, the first drop introduces essential items consisting of fifteen key pieces ranging from comfort wear to technical sportswear and sneakers built for running, yoga and daily life. The collection is also unisex and season-free, which ties into the overall ethos of creating clothing that is built to last and is thus, by default, sustainable. For Young, seasonality is an anachronism. “This is an absurdity that at the beginning was based on real meteorological necessities, but that is now completely based on marketing and sales purposes,” he says.

PUBLIC SERV-CE motto is: “Aesthetic in motion with an environmental and social pledge. we create a new vision for the sport industry while defining the dressing type of tomorrow.” This is the right definition of a public service: the business of supplying a commodity to any or all members of a community, rendered in the public interest. And not only for today but also for the future world that we are designing today.
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