Positive Education Festival has just bid farewell to the industrial cathedral in the Cité du Design, the former munitions factory in Saint-Étienne turned into a sanctuary of freedom and celebration. As we announced in this article, this year’s edition of the festival was the last chance to dance in this timeless place that has been bringing together an exciting audience for six editions. We travelled to the French festival last week to live the experience, and here’s what went down.
Positive Education oozes a bright energy defined by diversity, respect for one another, and the setting of safe spaces. That’s what we felt when we entered the impressive Cité du Design, ready to enjoy a new edition of the festival held in Saint-Étienne, a city about an hour’s drive from Lyon, which has been a meeting point for music lovers for years. Music fans who are looking forward to attending the sets of their favourite artists, but also curious people who come to enjoy this very plural experience in which stimuli are constant.
In this event, ambient music meets rock, hip-hop and electronic music, distancing itself from festivals that put the spotlight on just one music genre, going instead for a very diverse lineup that pleases a wide range of myriads and interests. From sets whose accelerated rhythm encourages us to dance with full energy to much more experimental performances in which the sound weaves together with the incredible, almost hypnotising light effects result in a unique atmosphere.
Partiboi69, DJ Nobu, VTSS, Blackhaine and Donato Dozzy, among many others, didn’t want to miss the latest edition of Positive Education held from October 31 to November 5. Its wide musical offer has been accompanied this year by a new format consisting of talks and workshops whose goal was to create a space where those who are making today’s and tomorrow’s electronic music scene can share their experiences. They addressed very interesting issues that, unfortunately, few festivals are talking about at the moment. ‘Should queer parties remain a counter-culture?’ and ‘From rave to activism: how does music go live in 2023?’ were some of the discussed topics in the conversations.
The combination of different musical styles, the participation of very well-known names on the scene and the creative community that the event managed to bring together made this latest edition of Positive Education unforgettable. Special mention to the looks of the festival-goers during the night. Some super original outfits were made expressly for the occasion, demonstrating that fashion, art and music are closely linked.
In such a turbulent and complicated time all over the world in which we are witnessing with concern many conflicts between countries and cultures, the rise of ideologies that foment hatred and discrimination, and facing a somewhat uncertain future, Positive Education becomes a project more necessary than ever. Congratulations to all the team that has made it possible, who narrowly avoided having to cancel this year's event altogether because of France being on maximum security alert for terrorist attacks. See you next year!
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