DJ, producer, singer, and fashion icon Peggy Gou is leaning into the weird in the new music video of Lobster Telephone. Well, it’s not that weird if you understand that lobster phones (yes, they are a thing) were first created by Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí back in 1936. The marine animal, considered a delight in many cuisines, was a source of inspiration to other surrealist artists like designer Elsa Schiaparelli. In present times, we also see renowned artists like Philip Colbert turning the animal the centre of their artistic universe. So, as the saying goes, there must be something in the water.
But Peggy has been flashing her obsession with lobsters for over a month now. She released the track back on May 16, and before that, she started the campaign on her social media—just on Instagram, she has four million followers. She’s released merch with lobsters, got a lobster phone case, and in the music video, she even wears red opera gloves that, yes, you’ve guessed it, resemble lobster pincers. So she’s fully committed. And we’re here for it. The multi-talented artist is playful and tongue-in-cheek, using humour in most of her songs and music videos that can be also interpreted as a sort of naivety. In her new music video, all these elements are there: marbles that become giant inflatables, a cast of six men doing silly, fun dances, and even some exercises.
Considered “the most wanted DJ in the world” by Billboard, Peggy Gou is a phenomenon you can’t escape from. She’s playing major festivals, touring the world, attending fashion shows and art events (from the Jacquemus runawy in Capri to the Serpentine Galleries art night in London), and gracing the cover of renowned media outlets. On June 7, she released a new album, I Hear You. What tends to be a culmination, for her it’s just a starter. So get ready for more.