Yvonne Ambrée, better known as Panteon, writes, records, produces and performs to thrill listeners, she may easily reach the bottom of our hearts through dream pop, indie and alternative songs. Storyteller is her last subtle release – coming out today and it is another emotional piece determined for her particular hazy and wistful vocal delivery.
Storyteller is probably so inspiring as it is born out of a reflection that resonates deeply in Panteon. She explains that while finishing her album in between all the chaos of the pandemic, she really enjoyed listening to Andy Shauf: “It really resonated with a lot of my own feelings, so one morning in early December I picked up my guitar and thought why not write a song about this guy – he’s been writing about everybody else so it might be nice to write a little tune about him.” She finds his songs honest and sincere, they feel like a hug to her living in a time in which everybody is trying to be something or somebody, “It feels nice to hear his voice in between a few others that still appreciate a good story and the idea of less is more,” she confesses.

Panteon is based between New York and Berlin, but her solitary journey to the Swedish Archipelago is what gestated the core of her newest polychromatic soundscape work, not only starring Storyteller, but also Correspondence and Archipelago. The newer tracks feel like a tool to break the distance between time and space, earth and sky, analogue and electronic, introspection and observation.These songs will be accompanied by stop-motion video and travel footage created by Panteon herself to keep her essence, the distinctive tender lyricism, the loamy vocals, the syncretic instrumentals.