Having a pen and a paper in his hands for as long as Oskar Glemme remembers and growing up in a family where art (and especially painting) were the gathering point for the family members, it felt as a natural step to enter this artistic pathway. Driven by powerful and talented personalities alongside a passion for music and Japanese culture, Swedish artist Oskar Glemme unfolds his unique creative ideas into silent yet strong and delightful graphic paintings.
What inspired you to become an artist?
First of all other people. Those people who are so dedicated to their talent, that they are willing to do whatever to keep it alive. Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he is a living example of what you get if you have talent and give it all your trust and work hard as hell. This very fact is all I need for motivation. Motivation and inspiration are working side by side along the path. My talent has to do with art and I am sure that I can become a master some day if I work hard every day.
What made you take the first step into this artistic universe?
Since the moment I was able to grab a pen with my hand I have been drawing. Drawing imaginary cities and worlds filled with whatever. My father used to paint a lot when I was a kid. He sort of invited me and my older brother to paint with him. Once he divided a big canvas into smaller fields with a pencil. Every one of us got the same amount of fields in different areas of the canvas which we filled with our own style of painting. It was like a collaboration between the three of us. That panting was hanging on the wall in the house for many years.This was a great way to make me feel part of something more serious and I think I got more confidence after this.
Tells us about your inspirations Oskar.
I believe there is three bigger categories that unifies the source of inspiration to my work. One is music. I don't think I can work without music anymore. Music makes the mind more creative and make it move into new ideas, moods and imaginations. I often listen to ambient music when I work. Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Biosphere and Stars of the lid are among my favorites. This kind of music has a lot of depth which transforms the mind into a more suitable state for making art. Next would be the work of the masters. I love japanese art and spiritual painters like Nicholas Roerich and Rockwell Kent. Right now I have a crush on gardens, especially Japanese and Chinese gardens. And last would be the daily life. I am a very observant person, always very curious about everything.
All this leads to both good and bad things, sometimes very deep and dark thinking, sometimes blissful conditions. But my curiosity keeps the wheel spinning.
In what way does your artistic identity differentiate and make you stand out from other artists?
I try to work as much as I can alone. I don't want to disrupt the inner balance with too much influence of other contemporaries. This is also a way to preserve the uniqueness in my art. Its my own little world, and I really care for it. Its very vulnerable, like a small pet, and I have to feed it with good influences to keep it healthy. But what I think makes my art stand out is the portion of silence in them. They are not screaming, rather they are speaking very quietly, yet with a strong message and expression.
Since you started your carrier as an artist what has been your most passionate experience?
When I did the first work which I consider to be a good piece of art. The name of that work is Avalon Sutra and I made it last summer. It has the same name as one of my favorite Harold Budd albums. A beautiful album that takes you back in time to a dreamy and mystical place. I am thinking of how Mediterranean would ibe like 200 years ago when I listen to it. I had an idea of the motive and colors which, for once, came out really well according to what I desired. The thing with that piece is that it works like a ground to build on which is part of my art identity. Thats why I'm so happy about it!
What are you working on right now?
I have built a kind of bank where I keep all material and information I need for future work. That feels good. I can see more clearly because of this. If everything goes as planned I will travel to Japan pretty soon for a project about temple gardens in contrast to the modern people.
You use illustration and painting as main media to express your art. Could you please tell us about why you choose to work with those two and what attracts you about paintings and illustrations?
The digital illustrations are basically just ideas, not meant to be finished works. But to work digitally is a great way to experiment and to transform these ideas to actual motives. It works the way a sketch works. My main goal is to work with real material, but in same visual style as my illustrations. I do paint both with oil and acrylics. But the style of these paintings is not quite the same. But I can feel the need to express that kind of art also, thats why I do them. And they are included in the family of my art.
Do you have a dream project you would love to realize in the future?
Since I am totally in love with Japan and Japanese art I have a dream to become skilled in woodblock printing. Its a beautiful technique and I think the visual feeling and texture fits my style perfectly.