Stefanie Alisch once wrote in her essay about the Kuduro music:“Kuduro is Angola's most popular youth culture and has been around for over 15 years. Nervously driving electronic beats are layered with hard rap vocals, coupled with expressive dance movements (toques) and topped off with crisp swagger (swêgue).” Coming all the way long from Angola to Europe, there is this small group of Kuduro musicians, dancers, fashion designers and DJ's visiting some of the European capitals and enthusiastically spreading their culture into the world. They just arrived directly from an exciting week in Amsterdam to celebrate a 4 day so-called “Quintal” in Paris in La Villette Enchantée until sunday 14th.
We can call ourselves very lucky to get the unique chance to dive deep in such a rich culture provided by a magnificent program filled with dance workshops and lessons, dance presentations and visual art experiences. Furthermore there will be DJ mixes and concerts taking place, as well as a fashion show on thursday.
As Kuduro originally took place in a very informal and familiar environment such as parties with families and friends in the streets or backyards, the tradition of close human interaction got perfectly translated into the event of this and probably the events of all the following days and nights. Initially at the soirée the girls and boys of Os Kuduristas totally mixed in the crowed of visitors, just standing out because of admirable stylings or a little dancing to warm up. Later on, as everyone of them got an individual representation of himself and what he or she is performing during the following days, even then they were interacting with their enchanted audience. No matter how different the qualities of dance may have been, their energy crossed borders and inspired everyone to participate.
I strongly believe that no one who has been at La Villette tonight, left without having danced, having felt the dynamic rhythm of the music and having completely enjoyed it.
We are looking forward to what is coming next!