Having announced his relocation to Russia 2 months ago, musician-cum-comedian, Oliver Tree, has teamed up with native EDM group Little Big and Estonian rapper Tommy Cash to make a characteristically ludicrous video for their new single Turn It Up.
This single acts as a taster for Tree and Little Big’s upcoming EP – Welcome To The Internet. Given his experience with subversive music videos, the collaboration with Cash seems fitting, though the artistic direction of the video has been credited to Tree and Little Big’s own Iliya Prusikin.

The musicians and extras in the video all find themselves adorned in various garish outfits - think Golf Wang meets the Teletubbies. As for the cinematography, front-on filming and nauseating panning shots throughout evoke some sort of Wes Anderson-inspired fever dream. Luckily, the song itself does not fail to live up to the absurdity of the video. With lyrics like, ‘I'm 'bout to hit that coochie, play you like Tamagotchi’, this is not a song trying to have any deep emotional resonance. It is crude and low-brow, and unapologetically so. With a chorus that tows the line between annoyingly catchy and just plain annoying, this single will undoubtedly have its critics, but even they will struggle to get it out of their heads.