Having connected with himself over the last 2 years and linked to the emotional ups and downs we've all experienced during the pandemic, artist Nychos feels most represented by his work than ever before. He captures his feelings, his reflections and his most honest artistic expression in it as if it were a healing process. A creative universe where he can unleash all the ideas he has built over the years, and that now brings us closer to his way of seeing life through his new immersive experience, The Awakening, at Mirus Gallery’s new location in Los Angeles. You can visit it from today until May 1, 2022.
The Awakening is not just an exhibition. Being the result of the intense search for new formulas with which to connect art to the audience, achieving an effective and surprising result, the immersive experience that Nychos now unveils – after having exhibited his work in galleries around the world, including six solo exhibitions in the past 2 years alone – transcends the concept of a traditional art show, transporting attendees and demonstrating the possibilities of building worlds in a physical space. From animation and interactive works to projection, there are many different disciplines and formats in his new creation, in which we find over one hundred pieces that bridge the gap between the analogue and digital.

If we delve into his work and the form his various creations take, we can see how his proximity to animal viscera had a profound effect on him psychologically and visually. And it is that the interdisciplinary artist and muralist was raised in a traditional Viennese hunting family, transferring now some of these elements to his work through his interesting artistic prism. Its dynamism now becomes the protagonist of Mirus Gallery – specifically in its new location in Los Angeles –, an exhibition space established by curator and art dealer Paul Hemming, which has also locations in San Francisco and Denver, as well as sister-property Temple Nightclub in both cities.

But that is not all. Besides allowing us to get to know his work first-hand, analysing the hidden symbolism in his creations and connecting with his identity through different formulas, there are varied events. From after dark viewings and community programming to live music, all these actions prove the overwhelming talent of the artist who currently lives and works out of Rabbit Eye Movement, his studio and art space located in Vienna. You can check all the information about the tickets for his eponymous exhibition here.
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