After releasing Not Perfect Now this January, Nina Schofield comes back with a new song that instantly makes you click with the character and connect to her intimate heart-aching story. Who Is She takes us for a ride through the emotional turmoil of losing faith in someone with who you thought you had a perfect romance. It is a melancholic tale that hides beneath a lively melody.
With an audience of 145,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, a number 4 iTunes singer/songwriter chart hit and nominations for Best Female Artist on both sides of the Atlantic (Best of British Music Awards and the Hollywood Music in Media Awards), Nina Schoefield clearly knows how to captivate the public. In this new track, she breaks through her comfort zone to explore what it must feel to be cheated on. A love so strong but also so blind, not allowing you to see past all the red flags which were there from the very beginning. It makes you ask yourself what you could have done to go back to how you were.

She hasn’t personally been through this experience, but she put herself in the shoes of those who have ever lost faith in a relationship and she let the emotions flood her chest. The result is this punchy synth-pop single which will for sure hit close to home to many of us. And those who are lucky enough to not have undergone a similar situation will still find themselves singing this catchy chorus all day long. Who Is She will become the anthem of the heartbroken.
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