Nike and Patta have joined forces once again, presenting the Nike x Patta Running Team collection. This release transcends traditional sportswear; it's a tribute to unity, cultural appreciation, and personal achievement. Combining the unique aesthetics of the two brands, the collection offers both high-performance running gear and stylish lifestyle pieces. It aims to inspire runners of all backgrounds to pursue their goals in the running world.
Acknowledging both seasoned athletes and newcomers, the collaboration reflects the core mission of the Patta Running Team. This team aims to unite runners from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of community, support, and enjoyment in the sport. "Patta Running Team was created to connect with like-minded individuals worldwide through the universal language of running," says Patta co-founder Edson Sabajo. "It's about exploration, connection, and the freedom running brings.”
The unisex collection features various pieces, including leggings with a unique lenticular material and a heavyweight varsity jacket paying homage to the Patta Running Team's achievements. Tracksuits, race suits, tops, shorts, and a running vest are also included. Nike runner Sifan Hassan, a two-time gold medalist for the Netherlands, is featured in the campaign, embodying strength and perseverance. A standout piece is the updated Air Huarache hybrid sneaker, seamlessly blending classic Huarache Plus elements with a Pegasus sole. Premium materials, reflective detailing, and the iconic Patta Panther mascot accentuate the collection's style and performance.