“In this song, I wanted to capture both the feeling of anxiety and my strange curiosity surrounding death,” explains singer Naël Kaced about his new song, When They Catch Me, out today. The alt-pop French artist releases this new track off of his upcoming EP, due later this year. Showing his impressive vocal technique, Naël’s new song is also accompanied by a music video directed by up-and-coming director Esteban Sanchez del Rio.
When They Catch Me is a message destined to the ones who left us, the only ones who might hold the answer to the question, what lies ahead?,” the singer further explains. “With its (intentional) ambiguity, the pronoun ‘they' seeks to provoke a deep reflection on the nature of faith, without binding itself with a specific dogmatic vision – is it about God, spirits, demons, or ghosts? I want whoever listens to embrace the complexity of faith, to contemplate the unknown, and to question their convictions,” he continues.
Indeed, Naël questions faith, death and the afterlife in this new song. Beginning with his powerful voice – “or rather my cries,” as he puts it –, the French artist instantly takes the listener to an otherworldly place, crafting an atmosphere that weaves his vocals with instrumental arrangements. “This initial atmosphere is quickly joined by the distinctive sound of the Moog, giving us tension and anticipation – a battle begins. The one that leads us to the end,” Naël explains to us. Produced by nu_tone, When They Catch Me beautifully blends Naël’s rich voice with epic textures, percussion lines, and emotionally charged synthesizers. You can listen (and watch) now on all streaming platforms.