Hailing from Bolton, the Manchester based Michael Mayren is gaining a name for himself as the fashion industry’s go-to photographer, working and producing constant features for magazines, such as HERO, Dazed & Confused and Ilovefake alongside with large brands such as Converse, ASOS, Adidas, YOH and Kit Neale. Handpicked by Diesel’s artistic director Nicola Formichetti to work on projects such as the brands Reboot project we can only see him and work expand into more interesting ways.
Exposed to photography at a young age and self described as ‘not a technical photographer’, Mayren is drawn to capturing the lives of enthusiastic young working class boys & men who are striving to get somewhere in life. The subjects in his personal works are the most significant aspect of where he gets to know people a little more intimately beforehand, whilst still keeping factors of it in his commercial fashion work. Being based in Manchester has geared Mayren’s earlier works towards boys he grew up with where he captures vulnerability and innocence about Northern Boys; interplaying a stark difference in appearance of London boys who are more conscious of their style. Mayren directs his focus in recording a narrative in his photographs and creating a sincere relation with his subjects and changing society’s perceptions towards working class boys and men; conveying them in a softer, delicate and dreamy manner where he manages to do so in his series titled ‘CHAV’; documenting a more psychological nature of why they box.
Accustomed to shooting in film, Mayren actively takes account into shooting each photo carefully, which explains his final aesthetic being rather raw, realistic and exposed. His process is done in such a way where he uses the camera as a tool to showcase how he perceives the world through his eyes.