Glenn Martins, Jessie Ware, James Corbin, Sophie Thatcher, Yue Minjun and Pepo Moreno are some of the protagonists of this new issue filled with good vibes.
It's impossible to delve into the universe of Nhozagri, Super Nhozagri Kingdom, as she puts it, and not fall head over heels for those delightful creatures with enormous eyes and long lashes, for those pastel shades, for that world that feels like fluffy cotton and is absolutely huggable. Somehow, it connects us with our inner child, carefree and oblivious to everyday problems and the disasters that surround us. That's why we kick off this issue with this Chinese artist, as we want to explore the brighter side of life, reminding ourselves that there's always, or at least we should always seek, a moment for joy no matter how tough things get. No, we haven't created a self-help manual, we haven't gone all sentimental, and we're not swimming in sugar-coated seas. We simply decided that for once, we're going to focus on all the things that make us a little happier, highlighting the good because the bad has its way of creeping in all on its own, always stumbling along.
So, this summer issue is filled with good vibes and incredible stories. Take James Corbin, for example, who never imagined becoming a model but, in just two years, managed to grace the pages of Vogue Italia and strut down the LFW runway. He has worked with renowned names in the fashion industry like Tim Walker and Katie Grand, is the face of Valentino and Tommy Hilfiger, and often gives talks about his journey as a plus-size Black man. Then there's Pepo Moreno, yes, the artist in whose universe everything is gay and who made one of our covers. He managed to overcome the darkness brought by Covid thanks to his art, illuminating the new life he now enjoys. And let's not forget about designer Hillary Taymour, whose brand Collina Strada made waves with one of the most viral shows of the latest NYFW. She had models walking the runway looking like animals, all to make a clear statement: animals are not to be eaten. It's no wonder the collection is called Please Don't Eat My Friends. And also we have actress Valèria Sorolla, nominated for the Breakthrough Actress award at the recent Goya Awards for her work in La consagración de la primavera.
There is also a lot of talk about work, about how fortunate we should feel to have fun while making a living. We had a conversation with one of the most prominent figures in the fashion industry, not only for his work at the helm of Y/Project but also for putting Diesel back on the pedestal of the most desirable brands. We also spoke with Jessie Ware, who has just released a new album, That! Feels Good!! It's an outstanding and danceable record that truly captures the fantastic moment she's in. Ah, music, so many moments of joy. We also explore the spaces and cities we inhabit with Alexandre Benjamin Navet. How important it is to surround ourselves with beauty and pretty objects. We even built our own inflatable castle for one of the protagonists of Yellowjackets, Sophie Thatcher. And we learn from the indispensable Yue Minjun that laughter can also be a subversive element.
In this issue, we're embracing the energy of summer to celebrate the joy, the resilience, and the creativity that shines through even the toughest times. So grab your copy, dive into the pages, and let's embark on this adventure together. Get ready to be inspired, to be uplifted, and to experience a little slice of happiness. Because in a world that often feels chaotic, we choose to focus on the bright spots, the moments that remind us why life is truly worth celebrating.
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