Entitled Not Your Traditional Geisha, the shooting shaped by Nick Knight for Visionaire has become one of the most iconic fashion stories of all time. A bizarre mix of Asian, alien and a hypothetical sinister future gave birth to a cyborg-geisha embodied by Devon Aoki, a legendary model with English, German and Japanese ancestors. With Alexander McQueen and Katy England as stylists, the photo quickly caught the attention of Björk. Eventually, the trio was entrusted a year later to compose the cover image of her new album, Homogenic, which became as famous as the one that originally inspired it. “When I went to Alexander McQueen, I explained to him the person who wrote these songs – someone who was put into an impossible situation, so impossible that she had to become a warrior”, Björk told in 1998. But this is another fashion story.
Metal37 a Von Fuerst .jpg
Scarf and top TARA LEE, kimono at takayo.co.uk, earrings SOPHIE BRAILLE.

Devon Aoki by Nick Knight for Visionaire1997.jpg
Devon Aoki by Nick Knight for Visionaire, 1997.

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