The last time we spoke with Mel 4Ever was in October 2022 coinciding with the release of I Hate U, the single she presented following her acclaimed headline performance at the Bushwig Festival. Now her emotional, cathartic and fun creative universe, which she unleashes through music and with which she continues to turn songs into hits, comes in the form of a new release, Go Bitch! featuring hyper-pop star Fraxiom. After a period of creative isolation and reinvention, the critically-hailed pop artist now unveils the first single from her upcoming sophomore EP.
“I wrote Go Bitch! about the desire for public affirmation from a romantic partner who doesn't want to be seen with you in public. As a trans woman, this is a tale as old as time,” answers Mel 4Ever when asked about the starting point of this latest single written by herself, Fraxiom and Tor Miller, and produced by Jack Hoffman and Fraxiom. Being set to release her sophomore EP in the coming months with a few surprises in store, Go Bitch! portrays a sad reality that the multifaceted creative has experienced first-person. “The whole track is a fantasy of what I wanted this man I was seeing to say: ‘This is my chick/ this the one I ride with/ this the girl I’ll die with.”

Then Fraxiom comes into the track as her bestie trying to hype her up with her brilliant verse. “While this song was born out of torment when you hear it, you just can't help but take your own power back,” adds Mel 4Ever, for whom the best thing about making pop music is taking that despair girl and turning it into something bombastic. She knows how to get the most out of the supernatural powers of music, making it a strong tool for expression and vindication. Her distinctive trans rage and focused power will be more present than ever on her upcoming EP, which she describes as her personal introduction to the industry.
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