“I don't like being tied to a specific music genre, which means trouble when someone asks me what I do. It’s many homes in one,” answers the pioneering producer Matilde Davoli when asked to define her musical proposal. A whole declaration of intent that shows her unique personality and her constant commitment to experimentation, in a successful trajectory to which she now gets ready to add a new chapter. Her new album, Home, is released tomorrow through Loyal To Your Dreams, and today we present the title track of the new work of the Italian producer.
It is not easy to define Home, her new song, with words. Perhaps it is because the artist prefers to work with concepts, sounds or energies, distancing herself from the limiting terms that society imposes on us, forcing us to continually define and position ourselves. Born in Salento, (Italy) and having lived in London for 5 years, the LP that she now releases was created after Matilde began to explore her own sense of belonging. An emotion divided between two places that she now materialises in her new work, in which the vintage synth-scapes and delicately progressive accents make her musical proposal an enveloping atmosphere.

Being formally trained both as a producer and as a resident sound engineer, and drawing inspiration from Stereolab or Feist, among many others, her new work narrates a process of self-knowledge. “Home has been a process of emotional and musical discovery, I wanted to create a mix of atmospheric jazz, pop and electronic, experiment with song structure and with my limits,” she explains. From Devotion to Home, the track that she is presenting today, we accompany her in her new stage that marks her return to the industry after a 6 year hiatus.
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