Starting from the connections between people and delving into the intricate dynamics of human relationships, singer/songwriter, composer and producer Mati Gavriel is now releasing his new single and music video, Someone to Somebody. Featuring a classical spin on production, utilising a string quartet and one synth solo instead of samples, 808s, and software synths, the song explores how love is forever changing and evolving, and the aspect of loving and wanting to be loved. It is a search through music for the essence of love's ever-changing nature and its profound impact on individuals.
The Israeli-born and German-breed multi-instrumentalist is now presenting his new track, Someone to Somebody, which was co-written by renowned songwriter Sheppard Soloman and presents a profound exploration of human relationships, encapsulating the universal yearning for love and the complexities that come with it. This single comes after the artist, who grew up in Germany, moved to London at the age of 18 to pursue a degree in sound engineering, and now resides between Los Angeles, New York, and Italy, has worked as a producer alongside artists such as Jon Batiste, Belinda Carlisle, The Pentatonix, Dolly Parton, and more. 
Feeling a special interest in the intersection of art and technology, he also delves into multi-genre projects that showcase his artistic vision and creativity. And he always does it with the exciting creative freedom to express himself authentically, lending his craft to help other artists fulfil their dreams. He has just been recognized as a member of The Recording Academy after 8 years of living in Los Angeles! "I feel really lucky and I look forward to what's to come," he says.