With her distinctive vocals and a raw and emotional lyricism, 22-year-old artist Maryjo reveals her new single Should Be Us, which follows a series of successful releases that have caught the attention of the audience and adds to her list of accomplishments that positioned her as a promising rising star. Between boasting her popularity through social media, appearing in renown singing competition shows, and joining musician Knox on an upcoming sold-out tour that will take her all around the United States, there is no doubt that the singer is on the right path.
A guitar and a personal yet universally relatable storyline are more than enough for Maryjo to create a song that is both timeless and current for our times, exactly what Should Be Us is. With her unique voice, which drifts from full-throated belting to a hauntingly soft delivery, any narrative that she desires to tell you acquires a deeper and more heartfelt meaning that resonates very well with her target audience, and she is fully aware of that. “I’m giving people something that helps them tap into their own emotions and makes them feel better about whatever they’re going through,” says the singer-songwriter.
Maryjo has worked hard not only in creating and translating her feelings into music but also in making the public recognise her for her talent and personality. On the digital front, her following on social platforms like TikTok is remarkable, with more than a million fans awaiting her content, but her real-life presence has also been acclaimed, especially after her appearance as a contestant on Season 19 of the American Idol, where she gained praise for her renditions of hits by Ed Sheeran, James Bay, or Tate McRae. 
Working and creating nonstop, Maryjo will hit the road to join fellow artist Knox on his ongoing I’m So Good At Being Alone Tour during this month, with all dates being sold out already. With all of this in her bag and more, Maryjo is sticking to her style while following her heart and conveying emotional performances and good music.