Marshall Vincent is releasing his new single Ring Ring today, which is an emotional, genre-bending track born from a toxic relationship. The Berlin-based rising alt-pop artist, who has been named as ‘one of the most exciting artists in the city’ by some major local publications, continues to develop his reflective and intimate personal creative universe through lyrics charged with meaning and nuances. The Chicago-born artist has advanced his professional career since launching in 2021, and everything indicates that his musical project will continue to win over more and more people.
“Within the relationship, there was a struggle for power that was met with insecurities. We were both coming at it from our own angles and things weren't clicking. We couldn't relate to each other,” says the interpreter of songs like On Me or If I Was Your Lover, who has about twenty thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. His new single, Ring Ring, is built on a toxic relationship and comes as a teaser ahead of his sophomore EP Burn On Arrival due for release next month. “The track is a conversation with myself, asking them to meet me where I'm at,” he adds.

Talking about Kate Bush and Moses Sumney among his inspirations, his incredible live performances have got great feedback from the public and music professionals. Singing from the soul and unafraid to share his feelings as if it were a healing process, Marshall Vincent is quickly expanding his impressive reputation. Now we can only wait for the launch of his next projects, which promise to give a lot to talk about in the coming months.