Following its remarkable Paris Fashion Week show last September, Marni's Spring/Summer 2024 campaign takes centre stage. Captured by the renowned photographer Colin Dodgson, the campaign unfolds within the intimate setting of Marni's Milan headquarters.
Dodgson, known for his distinct style and focus on human connection, creates visuals rich in texture and closeness. His lens captures glimpses of movement and the interplay between skin and fabric, bathed in the warm glow of morning light. 
Dutch model Lara Stone and Nigerian artist Leonard Iheagwam embody the collection. Adorned in key runway pieces, Marni´s essence is present all around, magnifying the power the garments already possess. Each photograph showcases attention to detail, a testament to the campaign's focus on fashion as an embodied experience.
Expertly styled by Carlos Nazario, the pieces come alive, engaging in a sensory dialogue. In addition, the campaign introduces the Trunkoise Bag, a symbol of Marni's commitment to contemporary elegance and modern design, standing out amidst the collection's fluidity.
Marni_Spring_Summer_2024_Campaign_02 2.jpg