The pandemic has forced them to put aside their social life but they have managed to make the most of the difficult situation we are going through by becoming fully involved in their most personal project, Marlo Studio. Since they founded their fashion brand in 2019, Marcio Lopes and Zsolt Nagyváti have not stopped directing all their energy to consolidate their emerging platform. After having held a massive fashion show in a Madrid parking lot shortly before the health crisis, the independent brand has proven to make the digital field its best ally. One of their proposals, in which they merge fashion with video games, even reached the Spanish newscasts. Now, they present their new collection, Illusion.
Marlo Studio is a creative laboratory in which different artistic disciplines and trends converge. And several influences and origins, always respecting its DNA defined by futurism, the search for new materials, silhouettes and textures, and a professed passion for transhumanism. Brazil, where Lopes is from, and Hungary, Nagyváti's native country, merge into a project that vindicates diversity, championing values more necessary than ever in a context marked by radicalism and extremism.

While they enjoy the process of strengthening a brand in Spain, a country where proposals that break with the established parameters are not always welcome and where obtaining financial rewards requires international projection, they dream of making Marlo a brand with which to express themselves freely, with no ties. Now they show a more commercial side of the brand trying to connect with their loyal audience. We discover it.
You have just unveiled your new collection, Illusion, but, before we get into your work, could you introduce yourself to those who don't know you yet?
We are Marlo Studio, an emerging fashion brand created in 2019 by creative director Marcio Lopes and artistic director Zsolt Nagyváti. Marlo Studio is more than just a brand, it is a creative laboratory where we both work with several artists to develop projects, make clothes and try to show a complete aesthetic, immersing our followers in our universe. Through clothing, makeup, photography, hairdressing, music and many other creatives disciplines, we do our best to show our vision of fashion for the future, inviting those who see our collection to teleport to our universe. A utopian vision of an honest future.
You launched your brand in a very different context from the current one. In 2019 Covid had not disrupted our lives or forced us to change our habits yet. But undertaking a fashion project is always a great challenge. When and how did you decide to launch Marlo Studio?
Marlo Studio was like an unplanned pregnancy. One of those surprises in life that arises and then fills you with love, emotion and vocation. It started as a final degree project for IED Madrid, which slowly began to take shape as a collection. Little by little, we added details, and everything just fell into place like the pieces of a puzzle.
At first, we had an aesthetic, then we added materials we wanted to work with, we developed a brand image, etc. Suddenly everything came together, we liked it and we felt the need to continue with it. That's when we decided to make Marlo Studio a brand reality. We had no idea about how or where to start. But we have been and still are in love with what we have learned, and we are eager to take new steps and learn all we can about fashion.
Marcio, as you have just said, you had just graduated from IED Madrid when you decided to embark on this personal project. In fact, your first collection was presented in a fashion show held in the school, where we could see for the first time the futuristic aesthetic that characterises the brand. Did you feel ready to start your own brand? What were your main fears?
I will never be ready, no one is ever prepared to enter an unknown terrain. I am working on it with great enthusiasm as I am open to new challenges. I don't see myself in any other job, this is what I like to do and what makes me happy. This is my way of expressing myself, it is where I can speak, give my vision of life and express all the emotions that I have inside. But I think that what excites me the most in this adventure is that every day I present myself with something new. This is what makes this profession so exciting. At least in my case, it motivates me.
I can tell you that, since the brand was launched, I have evolved as a person, I have learned so many things, and now I see the world differently. I have not had any fear, either with Marlo Studio or with anything else in life. I am that kind of person who starts things up and then little by little, I solve the problems that arise. I believe a lot in the universe and its energy, I think that if they give you opportunities in life you have to grab them and move on. Because everything that you find along your path is for you.
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There are many creatives who, after showing their first works to the audience, progressively disappear from the scene. However, you have not stopped consolidating yourselves in the art scene since then, presenting collections both physically and digitally. What is a day in your life like?
Since Marlo Studio was born, our time and our days are fully devoted to our work. We are constantly working to improve and add more details to the brand, from morning to night, every single day. During the lockdown, we learned to stay at home.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have transformed this time into brand development. We have put aside our social life a little bit, and we rarely see our friends. But we are not complaining, this will come back, but now it’s time to buckle down and put in the work. For example, we are already working on new projects. We have just presented a collection, and we are already working on others. We don’t have much time, but we are learning how to manage our free time so we can do everything.
Shortly before the pandemic, you held a massive fashion show in Madrid to show your Zero Point collection. A proposal divided into three episodes, in which the neons colours changed to dark tones, finally leading to a pristine white. How do you remember this experience? What did you learn from it?
Our first official fashion show, to which we dedicated a lot of time and enthusiasm, was one of the best experiences of our lives so far. It was almost surreal, and the feedback it got was even better. Seeing our desires come to life, drawing something out of our imagination and suddenly making it real is very satisfying. We think that the reward of every designer is this moment of ecstasy when you see your dreams being materialised, and you feel this magical energy that a fashion show gives off.
Apart from learning the technical aspects, we had to do our homework so that everything would fall into place. The greatest learning challenge was how to handle so many people at one time, yet more than managing, it was learning to enjoy a moment and share it with so many different people but who at the same time share common tastes.
Supporting diversity and making fashion a unique form of expression, transhumanism constitutes one of your main sources of inspiration. What can you tell us about this cultural and intellectual movement?
Transhumanism is the most real and necessary movement right now. It is a very beautiful movement and it brings so many positive things to the common good. The use of technology in favour of a better life for all is without a doubt the best thing we have right now. We are transhumanists without even knowing it. This movement has entered our lives very quickly but silently through our smartphones, which are now essential in our lives. How many screens do we need right now to live? Do we live behind a screen without even realising it? This movement is exciting in other aspects as well, as it has provided individuals who are physically or otherwise diverse with tools that allow them to live a more comfortable life and compete for their desires in equal conditions.
For example, a person who for some reason has lost a leg, an arm… with all the technology that we have right now it can give this person an opportunity to continue living a normal life. In terms of fashion, thanks to technology we can develop materials to adapt our clothes to the changes we are undergoing right now. Transhumanism is the movement that makes our lives easier, directly or indirectly, through technology.
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Although it was not a premeditated decision, once the health crisis affected our lives, you moved to the online universe to show one of your most acclaimed collections to date, Aretti Arena. Influenced by video games and fictional characters, the format combined fashion, video editing and special effects. Do you feel comfortable in the digital field? What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual fashion shows?
We feel very comfortable in the digital field, it is such a wide universe that allows you to do everything you want. In our case, it is a very positive point. We like to show our collections in creative and inventive ways, creating universes and characters, and this ecosystem makes it easy for us to do all that. Producing digital material is very similar to creating a face-to-face show or presentation. The elements are the same, you need clothes, models, lights, a photographer, makeup artists, hairdressers… But it has one more advantage, you can take all this material and create whatever you want. You can show it to more people at the same time, and upload this experience to a platform where it can be watched again and again.
The downside is losing contact with those who attended your fashion shows previously in person. The energy and emotion that you receive from immediate contact are satisfying. Digital presentations are more impersonal, and they can evoke conflicting emotions depending on the feedback you get. There is no eye contact, and it is very mechanical. Losing physical contact and living in the moment, we think these are the biggest disadvantages of all these changes. We hope that everything will soon be back so we will be able to combine both formats again.
Now that the global situation seems to be better and we hope that face-to-face activity will gradually resume, you present your new proposal, Illusion, in which black and blue become the true protagonists. Is this collection a turning point at Marlo Studio? What feedback have you gotten from the public?
Talking about a turning point for such a young brand is a bit complicated. We are still in our phase of creating, learning, making mistakes, etc. Illusion is yet another collection from our universe through which we have attempted to show a more commercial side of our brand. This collection also focuses more on our idea of street style. What we believe, and what we would like people to wear on the street every day. We also wanted to show a little more about how we see the world, our beliefs and other people's beliefs, and combine them. In addition, we wanted to do something gender neutral and polytheistic at the same time, it’s a collection that is respectful towards diversity in general.
We’ve had very positive feedback, both from our followers and from those who have recently joined our community. Also from the media, as they have once again supported the brand. We just have to say thank you very much to everyone that already follows us, and to the new platforms, we will be infinitely grateful for your support.
This last proposal is followed by a video that enables us to see the garments in motion and immerse ourselves in the dark universe that you have created. Who took part in the video, and how did you divide the tasks?
For this project, apart from ourselves, we worked with a wonderful team with whom we have been collaborating for a long time. We worked with photographer Dominik Valvo, who had already shot some of the brand’s previous projects. Hair and makeup were done by Sergio Serpiente and Sergio Antón, who have several accumulated works with Marlo Studio. Styling assistance was provided by Eloísa Mesa Oyono and photography assistance by Manuel dos Santos. And the music was done by Atomik featuring Valentina Izum.
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One of the great challenges for an independent brand like yours is to start selling its garments, and we know that no project can last over time if it does not transfer its media presence to real sales. How will you face this major challenge, and where can we buy your clothes?
We are very excited and very hopeful that it will go well. It has been a major step for us to reach this point, and we know that we are still at the beginning of a new phase and that everything will come slowly and with a lot of work. But we are very grateful to simply be able to take this step. All the garments can be found and purchased on our different social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and on our website
You are based in Madrid, a city that despite having a powerful creative scene and holding its own fashion week, is not one of the capitals of the international circuit in the sector. What problems does the industry face here?
People who run the fashion circle in Madrid are afraid to open themselves to new ideas. We have an outsider vision because we have not yet entered the inner circle, the group of local designers. We see that there is a certain style, a line that is established by the public of Madrid and by these designers, which moves collections and makes a profit. We certainly won’t say which direction this line should take; we can only give our vision about possible changes, and thus integrate more into the evolution and locally break new ground.
Spain has wonderful designers, but we think they are used to giving what people ask for. The sector has become a bit complacent. We understand their positions, but we believe that once you show people something new, you start to change their mindset and they start to accept new things. This is why we always insist that we and all emerging designers need more visibility, more opportunities, and we need the support of people who believe in our work.
Do you have any plans to show or sell your work abroad?
Of course! We are working on it, and we feel ready to conquer the world, but we are also keeping it very low key right now. Things are going well, but it would be a great achievement to jump right into the international market.
And where would you like to see your brand positioned 5 years from now?
It would be great to see Marlo Studio as one of the top brands globally, but let's be realistic. Creating a brand and making it a worldwide success in 5 years is very difficult, almost impossible. In these times, with so many creative people thirsty to show their work, competition is stiff. We feel that, eventually, the day will arrive when we have our recognition.
In 5 years we hope to be living from our work, supporting ourselves, with the possibility of doing our crazy things better and better. Let’s hope that luck will accompany us throughout the next five years, and everything will work out. Until the big break comes along, we will work and strive to gradually grow and be better every day.
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