Swedish musician Mariam The Believer’s avant-garde third album set to release in October, Breathing Techniques, is an abstract, introspective piece that sounds as if Picasso painted it, and her new single, out today, Home, is the perfect teaser of this. Mariam’s unique, haunting vocals, a signature of her artistry, and the eclectic instrumentation create a melancholic void, like a black hole of emotion that pulls the listener into a space of deep contemplation.
Breathing Techniques is a captivating exploration of home, belonging, and the transformative power of music. Through her unique blend of jazz, pop, and soul influences, Mariam crafts an immersive soundscape that transports listeners to a realm between melancholy introspection and meditative tranquility, a testament to her versatility and musical depth.
Of her new single, Home, she says, "While pregnant with my second child and attending a Kundalini teacher training course—both involving physical meetings in Berlin but mostly conducted online due to COVID restrictions—my perception of what a home is, or can be, began to transform for the first time in my adult life. Home had always been music and singing, a vast palette of experiences and journeys. But now, it also became a tangible place where I chose to stay for a while, distant yet intimately close. It was a house, my own family, a body. Ultimately, home is about feeling safe."
Standout tracks like the minimalist, emotion-drenched Both Arms, the rhythmic jazz-infused Home, and the Bjork-esque Misty with its tearful, swooning violin not only showcases Mariam's impressive vocal range but also the album's groundbreaking and innovative production. Breathing Techniques lives in the void between seeking solace and embracing the unknown, offering a unique and exciting musical experience.
Home and Breathing Techniques are a testament to Mariam’s artistic growth and uncompromising creative approach to her most focused, intimate, and sonically adventurous work to date. It is an invitation to breathe in, breathe out, and immerse yourself in a musical journey home to oneself. It affirms her place as an innovative voice pushing the boundaries of pop and avant-garde music.