Mae Deline embraces vulnerability in her musical project. Something that is not easy to do in a society that pushes us to show ourselves strong, to demonstrate self-confidence all the time and not to let anyone see or feel our insecurities. The artist, who creates divergent songs with a '90s tongue-in-cheek angst, flees from the need to pretend to be someone she’s not and strips emotionally on her new release, Black Hole. The song comes along with a music video in which the singer is inspired by a past relationship that wasn't meeting her emotional needs.
“I craved more intimacy and connection than my partner was capable of giving me. I felt pushed away and kept out and the pain of that rejection felt so catastrophic,” replies Mae Deline, aka Madeline Spooner, when she details the vital experience that she lived which became the starting point of her new release, Black Hole. “I was ashamed of the magnitude and force of that feeling; a feeling of abandonment I've carried since my childhood. I saw in my mind this Black Hole that was going to destroy the very thing I feared losing,” she adds.

After having unveiled singles that have almost fifty thousand streams on Spotify like Graffiti or Animal, she now presents a song that comes from a very real, hurting place. The video directed by Landon Lake perfectly shows the feelings that the artist transmits through her lyrics, loaded with forceful messages that do not hide her feelings. “Something I want people to take away from the song is that it's a beautiful and powerful thing to crave love and connection with the force of a black hole. We all need human connection and intimacy and when we don't have our needs met, it can be destructive.”