Louis Vuitton is no stranger to art. As one of the Maisons with some of the most prolific and notable collaborations with extremely influential creative minds, it makes sense that Art Basel works as another platform for showcasing their craft while partnering with and honouring the work of someone as dear and close to the house as Frank Gehry. Among the hundreds of artists, a certain Parisian air can be felt in Miami as the most important art event in the world opens its doors to the careful curation that portrays the outstanding results of a friendship between fashion and art.
Frank Gehry can be considered one of the most influential and legendary architects in the world. Louis Vuitton can be considered one of the most influential and legendary fashion houses in the world. The result of the merger of such profiles can only be displayed in a setting that can be held up to the same quality standard, and Art Basel Miami Beach comfortably fulfils the requirements. In one of the hundreds of stands that make up this exhibition, a universe built by these two creative minds can be found, and every detail has been thought out to represent the result of years of collaboration, from the display where elements such as the wood and cardboard structures key to Gerhy’s design process are present to the pieces exhibited, which range from already-known objects extracted from previous projects together to new releases especially made for the occasion.
Behind the five wraparound mesh structures in the shape of a ship's sails that serve as a sort of entrance and that easily reminds us of the window displays designed by Gehry for the Maison back in 2014, the new limited edition bags from the capsule collections Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry are disclosed to the attendees. These pieces are inspired by three key elements in the architect’s work: shape, material exploration, and animals—concepts that are translated and represented in the iconic shape of the Capucines bags as well as in the Twisted Box trunks and the Bear with Us clutch. These last two pieces were created hand in hand with Gehry some years ago.
Each one of these pieces showcases the perfect synergy between architectural principles and the construction of such technical pieces as the bags, where the level of technique and craft can be easily perceived in the neatness of the final result. Glassy resin flower petals, meticulously crafted leather marquetry, cement-effect 3D screen printing, and a silver hammered finish are all incorporated into the new bags, reminiscing of various previous projects shared by the architect and the maison, that go from perfume bottles to the logo that graces the entrance of the Louis Vuitton Foundation building in Paris, designed by, you guessed it, Gehry himself.
Aside from the newest additions to the family, legendary pieces such as the A Tea Party for Louis trunk and sculptures collection inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland created for the 200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries exhibition, personal sketches and mock-ups, as well as audiovisual pieces, are presented in the stand, one that confirms Louis Vuitton’s everlong commitment to art, now being not only an exhibitor but a global associate partner of the fair.
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