Oh, summer, we’re longing for you! Now, more than ever, as you can imagine. But Louis Vuitton is here to make days brighter by releasing the LV Escale collection, which “tells the story of seaside holidays inspired by shibori”, a traditional Japanese dyeing technique.
Shibori is an age-old technique that consists in twisting and knotting fabric before dyeing it. Traditionally, fabrics and garments are dyed in indigo blue, which is one of the main harmonies of colour that Louis Vuitton has applied to the LV Escale collection. But the French maison takes one step further and explores two other palettes: one in pastel hues, and the other, a warmer pink and red variation inspired by beetroot. All these three feature in a comprehensive collection spanning ready-to-wear pieces, footwear and fine leather goods. Among the many options, you can find a Monogram bomber jacket, a graphic one-piece swimsuit, flat mules and sandals tied around the ankle, or iconic bags like the Neverfull tote, the Speedy or the Néo Noé. However, there’s one that’s about to become the must-have item: the Onthego tote, which is exclusively embroidered with a holiday destination, from Rio de Janeiro to Capri, to Hawaii, Phuket, or Okinawa. Discover the full collection on their website.
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