Louis Vuitton makes a winning play by enlisting NBA sensation Victor Wembanyama as the newest ambassador of the Maison, joining a prestigious lineup of athletic ambassadors and exemplifying the House’s ethos of excellence, resilience, and innovation.
In the world of sports, legends like Naomi Osaka and Carlos Alcaraz have gracefully balanced on-court prowess with a shared ambition, as exemplified through the lens of Louis Vuitton. Now, they welcome the Maison’s newest ambassador, the nicknamed ‘Wemby.’ Coming from Nanterre, France, Victor’s journey from local courts to global prominence has become an influence around the globe. His basketball skills emerged early on, propelling him through regional ranks to represent his nation on the court in 2022. With his meteoric rise, Victor solidified his status as one of basketball’s brightest stars, culminating in his selection as the top pick in the 2023 NBA draft by the San Antonio Spurs.
Expanding beyond the basketball court, Victor’s pursuit of excellence ventures into the world of fashion. Embracing a new challenge, Victor formally joins forces with Louis Vuitton as an ambassador of the brand. In this collaborative effort, rooted in shared values and aspirations, the athelte embarks on a journey to redefine the fusion of sports and style. Following his remarkable journey in athletics, the NBA player now ventures into the world of fashion with the Maison, promising to shake things up just like he does on the basketball court. With his edgy style and taste, he’s already making waves with the latest collections designed by Pharrell.