Despite his debut EP won’t be launched until Fall, we’re excited to present you the first single and video of Louis Centioni. The emerging British singer has teamed up with Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey to do the video, which is presented to the world for the first time today. Memories, identity, and instinct intertwine in this visual collage that has caught us in a loop of nostalgia. 
“With Unsure, I wanted to talk about being in the early stages of a relationship, in hindsight knowing that potentially the other person isn't the best for you”, Centioni tells us. “I wanted to capture a timeless feel and aesthetic around my lyrics. It’s not completely time-specific but more about exploring this type of feeling and emotion”, he continues. A general feeling that we’ve all experienced at some point, and that the twenty-two-year-old has captured perfectly in the song.

The music video, an experimental but sensitive collage, is the result of the singer’s collaboration with Mark Leckey, a renowned artist and filmmaker. “The clip I chose is from Mark’s Dream English Kid project because of the constant visual references to past memories and being on a journey with yourself”, Louis tells us. “I’m really drawn to Mark as a visual artist, his work allows you to find new routes, and there’s space for me to bring my own impressions and experiences. I interpret a sense of searching for identity paralleled to recollecting memories throughout his collaged visuals. The dualities here are things I consciously/subconsciously embark on every day.”

But their connection isn’t casual at all. As the singer explains, “A few of the scenes that I included in the music video reference the area of Liverpool, which is very near where Mark is from. I lived there for a few years, so I had an immediate connection; I instantly found a piece of my past through Mark's work.” If you’re already eager to see and hear more of him, don’t worry! Louis will have his debut gig in London on Friday the 27th of April at Soho’s Spice of Life. And if you can’t make it, he’s assured us that we can expect another single very soon. Wait and see…
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