Lime greens, baby blues, yellows and blacks, in stark contrast to the white that comes from sandy dunes and even concrete; these might not be the colours you first think of when you imagine a holiday campaign but Loewe manages to give it a Christmassy spin, somehow. Today we introduce you to their Home line, their new line of home accessories, as well as Loewe Botanical Rainbow, a dynamic collection of nine fragrances encompassing endless emotions, moods and attitudes. Their newest campaign, shot by photographer Lukas Wassmann, serves as an ode to colour and craftsmanship aiming to stimulate our olfactory senses through the use of vivid imagery.
The campaign is shot in La Grande-Motte, a small town located on the southern coast of France, where scented candles, air fresheners, diffusers, room sprays and a variety of soaps are placed along a surreal white landscape of sea-salt marches found across the Midi. Inspired by nature, Wassmann plays with the elements fusing salt (ice) with candles (fire) to create a kaleidoscope of smell and colour, transforming his images into multi-sensory experiences reimagined and delivered into a decontextualised setting.
The second image of the campaign captures a bright red car filled with candles which surround a green gift set adorned with the Loewe anagram. The perfect gift to impress any family member or loved one this Christmas. The candles and soaps come in a vivid range of twelve fragrances, each crafted to honour the olfactory portrait of a plant, flower, or herb such as Ivy, Liquorice, Beetroot, Juniper Berry, Coriander, Cucumber, and my personal favourite – the scent of Marihuana.
The third and last image captures a Christmas tree built exclusively of fruits and fragrances, encompassing endless emotions, moods and attitudes through the use of sumptuous and luscious colours. Showcasing Loewe’s connection to art, craft and love for objects made by hand. Each perfume is inspired by an element or phenomenon of nature and comes packed accordingly to reflect its distinct elements. Blurring the lines between masculine and feminine fragrances, Loewe wants to craft universal scents – built to be enjoyed by everyone. A unique rainbow of nature-inspired scents is tailored through excellent craftsmanship to create lavish and decadent pieces to elevate your home.
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1122 Xmass 1.jpg