Following its untiring attempt to reconnect with nature after these turbulent times, Loewe brings its inclusive and optimistic vision to its perfumes, now united by a singular flask and packaging design in the most ambitious and risky project that the brand has carried out to date. Inspired by a kaleidoscope with the colors of the rainbow, the campaign shot by the photographer and collaborator of the Maison, Tyler Mitchell, reunites the eight fragrance families under a halo of botanical aesthetics and reminiscences of a better world defined by personality, emotion, and the value of small gestures and details.
From the essences created from sandalwood and lemon included in the Loewe 001 family, designed to be shared, to the Loewe Pour Homme fragrances, based on earthly aromas translated into Mediterranean notes in the form of vetiver and geranium. The eight Loewe fragrance families are different from each other and are the result of a meticulous process of analysis and testing, evoking different places and emotions. But now they are closer to each other than ever before. It is in a sense metaphorical parallelism of life itself, affected by the pandemic we are still living in today. We are all unique, but it has been shown that we are stronger together.

From smiles to nostalgia, the campaign devised by Jonathan Anderson celebrates the differences through images in which nice new faces are fused with organic elements and floral arrangements inspired by the ancestral technique of Japanese origin Ikebana. A celebration of humanity, ranging from the radiant halo that surrounds the artists’ muses in Loewe Aura to the sunset brought by Loewe Solo, united in a slender yet solid glass bottle, topped with a tactile cap crafted in sycamore. Since they unveiled its acclaimed Show-in-a-box last year, Loewe has not stopped making us dream through sensory exploration and creative experimentation. Art, crafts and nature coexist in a philosophy more necessary than ever.
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