The long-awaited ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ has finally been reached, albeit in unexpected form: a cigarette lighter nestled within the crevices of a rocky enclave. Just as you think you’ve seen it all, the evolution of the humble lamp has had a eureka moment, illuminating the age-old adage ‘light-bulb moment’ with a constellation of inventive sparks (twenty-four to be exact). Loewe’s most ambitious Salone del Mobile collection is a commission of lamps by twenty-four internationally renowned artists, each bending light to their will. Undoubtedly, this heralds the dawn of a new era in home lighting, luring us in like moths to a flame.
Where light is both medium and muse, the artists yield a varied, luminous collection, guided by their own individual practice. Birch twigs and horsehair, glass, leather, and ceramic are sculpted into shapes inspired by natural and man-made objects. The resulting lamps stand (or hang) as masterpieces in their own right, coming together as an eclectic collection and assuming forms of storefront shutters, hanging gourds, and morphing microorganisms. One lamp looks slightly depressed with its flair for the dramatic tilt, yet finds solace in the company of the aforementioned lighter in stone standing nearby.
The collection extends beyond lamps to include Ikebana vases, doorstops, and paperweights made from woven leather. Loewe naturally excels in collaborative ventures for Salone, as evidenced by reimagined versions of their iconic bags crafted by bamboo artist Hafu Matsumoto and leather weaving expert Chikuunsai Tanabe IV. Following the trail of illumination, one stumbles upon a hidden gem: limited-edition candles featuring Loewe’s newly launched ‘Roasted Hazelnut’ scent in vessels inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. 
While I’m tempted to say the collection is ‘one watt short of a full glow’ for the sake of a pun, Loewe clearly turned tradition on its head, proving that when it comes to lighting, it’s all about thinking outside the bulb (I’m always armed with a pun). The new line of lamps marries form and function in ways never seen before, so now they’re proudly exhibiting for all to see in the Palazzo Citterio from 15th to 21st of April 2024. Should you miss the display, worry not; all of these items are available for purchase both at Palazzo Citterio and the Loewe Montenapoleone store.