Expressions as common as ‘stepping on eggshells’ or ‘put a pin in it’, I feel have taken root into every corner of our lives. We see them tangibly donning the red carpet, the streets, and then consequently our screens, their origins forgotten as they become second nature. Who has done this, you ask? Loewe, naturally. From heels gallantly prancing on and puncturing balloons, to soap bars and roses – everything but eggshells, to my mild frustration –, the Spanish luxury House’s creations unintentionally breathe life into these once merely linguistic constructs (they’ve quite literally put a pin in their Spring/Summer 2024). Now, for the first time, Loewe offers a glimpse into the hands behind these profoundly beautiful pieces, through their public exhibition at Shanghai Exhibition Centre.
It’s only natural that their inaugural exhibition finds its home in Shanghai, given it was where Loewe opened their first shop! The Crafted World exhibition is a tribute to the brand’s history and Spanish heritage, showcasing its evolution from a Madrid leather-making collective in 1846, to becoming one of the world’s leading luxury fashion houses. It takes visitors on an interactive journey through its growth, spotlighting iconic designs, cultural collaborations and the brand’s dedication to handmade craftsmanship.
Jonathan Anderson, serving as both creative director of Loewe and curator of the exhibition, affirmed this is “a homage to the craftspeople around the world that have dedicated their lives to the handmade.” Through immersive installations and thematic chapters, we are taken behind the scenes of the atelier and through its remarkable metamorphosis under the guidance of said mastermind Jonathan Anderson. This is clearly a must-see, open for all until May 5th.
Fun fact: Rumour has it that Ernest Hemingway had a fondness for Loewe.
Second more helpful fun fact: Its pronounced Lo-ev-eh!
LOEWE Fall Winter men’s runway collection, 2023
Deng Xiping, Chinese monochrome ceramics, 2022, LOEWE Art collection
Spring Summer women's runway collection, 2023
William De Morgan, capsule collection, 2019
Eriko Inazaki, Metanoia, 2023
Genta Ishizuka, Surface Tactility #11, 2019
Cape, Howl’s, Moving Castle collection, 2023
José Pérez de Rozas, Watercolors for LOEWE windows design, 1955