Sometimes in life, we all need to reconnect with ourselves. These are turning points in which, after realising that we are not being ourselves, we become aware of the situation we are experiencing and we begin to be able to remedy it. That's what happened to Japanese American singer-songwriter Lisa Remar, who today presents her new autobiographical single, lankersham… in which she opens up to her audience. “The song is about being unexpectedly plucked into the lives of others just to be discarded like fast fashion or a happy meal toy,” she says.
Having released her debut EP Still Good in 2021, the original New York singer-songwriter/producer continues to share deeply intimate moments through her timeless songs and her unmistakable singing voice. She even goes one step further on this new release, as she reconnects with herself through music. “I felt seriously stuck, sidetracked from my purpose. My reality had become so skewed and I’d grown into someone I wasn’t really proud of at all,” she replies when asked about the reason for this new single and why she decided to open this new stage in her career.

“My focus had insidiously shifted into staying fame adjacent. it all ended quite abruptly, ties were cut off and I was completely drained over trying so desperately hard to seem like I wasn’t trying hard at all,” she adds about a release that marks a before and after in her music (and in her life). lankersham… is a reflection that starts from her deepest feelings and empathises with her audience. And we are sure that this is just the beginning of a promising new chapter in her career.