Liam Mour - Berlin’s favourite electronic and ambient musician, known for his residence at Funkhaus club  and his label Ode to Youth – has released the new single Above, an atmospheric track from an EP of the same name. Accompanying the track is a carefully constructed music video – directed by Theis Meckbach and edited by Juno Entertainment – visualising the sounds of the single through shifting perspectives of lush landscape and Brutalist Berlin architecture. Are you ready to soar?
Using a kaleidoscopic montage of textures and snippets of buildings and perfectly disorienting views of forests sprouting from the sky, the cinematography of Above filmed by drone pilot Theis Meckbach constructs a space both completely surreal but hyper-involved in our reality, in a new perspective and new lease of life of the old Brutalist style of Berlin. Alongside the ebb and flow of the song, the viewer is pulled into the movement of the drone, truly believing to be above the architecture and forestry shown, in a moment of connectedness to our world and transcendence.

Mainly conveyed in clean black and white visuals, the crisp lines and stark contrasts of metal beams, glass panels, and industrial accents, come across in a new, futuristic lens. In the near-end of the music video, when the track begins to settle down into a sense of calm – perhaps the landing of this flight above – a warm-toned colour palette seeps into the architecture, maybe conveying a future sense of hope or wholeness.

Mour has said that this single also conveys an inspirational take-off, and the feeling of creatively soaring above with the all-encompassing need to compose. He asks what the price is to lift the weight off his shoulders to be creative, and how far a human would go for this sense of transcendence, or a new idea or perspective. Watch the music video, and you can decide for yourself.
Above was composed, produced and mixed by Liam Mour, mastered by Nikodem Milewski and edited by Juno Entertainment, Concept and Idea by Liam Mour, Olivia Lees and Max von Thadden.