Start the engine, roll down the windows and drive to the sound of Lena Fayre’s music. The LA based artist’s sound has been described as deconstructed pop - beneath a shiny layer of synth lies a poetic lyricism. The two, it seems, are compatible. Her latest release “This World” has a woozy charm, with a complex amalgamation of pop, folk and blues that’s not unlike Lana Del Rey.
Lena Fayre’s music is perfect for those long summer road trips, which is exactly where she imagines you listening to it. She describes her new EP, Is There Only One as an auto-biographical work with an experimental R&B flavour. Here at METAL, we’re looking forward to hearing Lena’s new sound but what we’re really excited for are the doubtless super cool music videos that will accompany it.
Who is Lena Fayre?
I don’t necessarily want to know. Of course my artistry has a certain foundation, but that’s all in the music. I prefer to speak through that.
What are your earliest memories of engaging in music?
Singing was my way of getting attention when I was a child. I liked to sing for my family. I expressed myself by combining singing and make-believe. I remember narrating moments of my life through song; it was almost more cinematic than musical really.
Where do you imagine people listening to your music?
I make songs for driving. Listening to music in the car is a very romantic experience for me.
In your website bio, you mentioned postponing a college education in order to fully-pursue a career in the music industry. Was this a hard decision to make, did you have people influencing you one way or another?
It was both the most difficult and obvious decision I’ve ever made. I juggled music and academics throughout all of my schooling, but that didn’t seem possible for me to do at a university. I don’t want to half-ass anything.
Have you approached the writing and producing aspect of music differently since releasing "OKO"? How will your new EP/album compare to the last one?
I’ve enjoyed becoming more selective. Selective in regard to what I want to communicate and the sonic template I focus on. Focus has been vital to me the last few months. My new EP, Is There Only One, has a very specific point of view. I’m telling a story based on my real life, which is something I hadn’t dare do before. I also experimented and incorporated a bit of R&B flavour.
This World has a very chilled vibe and an ethereal feel which is also reflected in the lyrics. What was the inspiration behind the song?
My friend and the producer/co-writer of This World, Dan Heath, created a distinctly cinematic soundscape. At the time, I was disenchanted with my surroundings. I wasn’t getting what I wanted or needed and so the song is largely self-revealing.
If you could compare yourself to any other musical artist, past or present, who would it be?
I am influenced by everything that came before me. I have idols, but comparison doesn’t interest me.
You have, multiple times, been described as one of the most promising young artists around, how do you see yourself fitting into the current music industry?
Well, I can only be honest and be myself. My musical background is very mixed; my style reflects that. I have a lot to say too.
Your music videos have an artistic and alternative aesthetic, which aspect of video-making do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the collaborative aspect and working with my friends to make something beautiful. If I could make a video for every song, I would. Visuals are very intertwined with song for me.