If the name Pigalle doesn’t ring a bell to you, trust us on this one: hotel Le Pigalle is a perfect place for a romantic getaway in the City of Love. A true bohemian chic vibe is felt in every single detail: the design, the delightful rooftop view, a personalised customer service (and those little homemade cocktails in your room). Think of the very idea of waking up to petit déjeuner with pain au chocolat and your loved one – isn’t that the real reason for visiting Paris? We talked to one of the key figures managing this unique hotel.
Pronouncing the name Pigalle immediately evokes lots of sexy, seedy and bohemian histories. What is the real importance of this legacy?
It is important because it’s part of the history of the neighbourhood. Music, food, and social diversity have shaped the neighbourhood’s identity as much as the sex industry. So I would say Le Pigalle is an attempt to create a real neighbourhood hotel in the area where it’s located.
Why is it a perfect spot for neighbours and visitors alike? How can both find harmony?
Collaboration with the neighbourhood ensures this is a nice place for visitors to discover Pigalle. It also makes it an enjoyable spot for the neighbours to come to. They meet in harmony in a place designed for these kinds of exchanges: the combination of the hotel space and the very large ground floor.
How do you go about gathering the local artists, bakers and so on? What is the invitation process?
These are people that I met, that I know, who were attracted by the idea. It grew very naturally. There is no invitation process per se, just people with whom we feel a bond, who share our passion for their passion. They are people we value and whose talents we want to share with the world.
Le Pigalle might easily be called a multigenerational home, with clients of every age. Who is the typical visitor?
People who like what we do, regardless of any specific category. I don’t do hotels for any specific clientele.
It’s clear that you really care about the music. What did you have in mind when curating the hotel’s soundtrack?
Music is everywhere in Pigalle, so it’s everywhere in the hotel too. We wanted to avoid the obvious rock’n’roll touch and tell a different story. Black music has always been a big part of the vibe in Pigalle, but it hasn’t always been valued. The spirit of the hotel could be summed up with ‘80s hip-hop!
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