Christy Leech and Aimie Mallon, better known as Le Boom, hail from just outside Dublin and tap into the Irish joy of life, otherwise known as craic, to produce effervescent electronic music that has been energising festival crowds all over Europe. We chatted with them about life on the road, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and working with Ae Mak on their upcoming EP, All of My Highs, set for release on May 3.
Let me start by saying, I’ve been listening to you all weekend since I heard I was interviewing you. What We Do has been on repeat, I’ve been tapping my feet at the office until my co-workers told me to stop!
Thanks so much! We really appreciate that.
To begin, please forgive me for the age-old question, but who are you individually and how did you two meet?
Christy: Oh! (Laughs) I started off the project as a solo act. I was looping beats and ideas, which gave it a natural dancey feel, but I felt I wanted someone to play with for the live shows. I saw Aimie play a gig and asked her to play with me at a festival, and the rest is history! It just felt like there was really good chemistry on stage and the show was completely elevated when the two of us were playing together.
Aimie: Individually, we both have musical and art backgrounds. Also, we both are from smaller areas outside of Dublin city, which I feel definitely has influenced us. It’s nice to have a sense of home when we are travelling around because we are from the same place.
You’ll be dropping the new EP, All Of My Highs, on May 3. How did these songs come together? What inspired this release?
Christy: It’s a four-track EP and I wanted each to represent the different sides to the Le Boom project. Our live show is a huge part of what we do. Up until now, we have always put it first. We just love being on stage and we’ve been so lucky to have been given the opportunity to play on lots of big stages to amazing audiences.
I think it all happened so quickly that we never really got a chance to sit down and work out any kind of recording process, so this EP is a bit of a mish-mash of tunes that were written on the go. We were on the road a lot and got to see lots of artists and DJs playing at festivals and gigs we were doing, so I suppose the EP was inspired by those acts we came across along the way.
What kind of hardware were you working with to create this taught dancefloor fillers? 
Christy: I record everything on an old version of Logic. In terms of hardware, it was pretty basic. I used a Korg Minilogue for almost all of the synth parts on this EP, and then I used lots of midi controllers and a Roland Octopad for the drum parts. I used my guitar a lot too – even though it often doesn't sound like a guitar by the time I have effected it and messed around with pitches and things like that.
What was it like working with Ae Mak on Dancing Bug?
Christy:  It was great! I had only met Aoife once and was really excited when she agreed to collaborate. She called over one morning and we sat in my bedroom, where I have a really DIY recording setup, and things started to flow really effortlessly. Aoife is great and fun to write with. She is full of ideas and has such a great positive energy. She really commits to and believes in everything she does and, as an artist who second guesses himself at every turn, this was so refreshing to see.
The song itself came together so quickly. We had the full track written and recorded it in a matter of hours. It was one of those writing sessions where things just seem to work. After Aoife went home, I made the decision not to go editing or redoing parts. I felt there was a great vibe in the room that day and I didn't want to mess with it. So what we are releasing is just a mastered version of what we got in those few hours. If you listen to it carefully, you can hear a car beeping outside my bedroom and us talking off mic too.
Aimie: The video shoot for Dancing Bug had the same feel. Aoife had loads of fantastic choreography and just like the writing of the song, each came together extremely quickly. There was a real family buzz about the whole Le Boom, Ae Mak crew with all the dancers and filmmakers! It was such a great day.
2018 was a huge year for you, playing the circuit of big European festivals. What are some of the lessons of touring rigorously in a short space of time?
Aimie: I think just try and enjoy every bit of it because before you know it, you are back at home explaining the craic you had to your housemates. It goes so quickly. There is so much planning and practising before you set off and then it is all over. Soaking it all up.
For those who are new to Le Boom, how would you describe your live show?
Aimie: Our live show is really high energy. We have said before that the connection between us and the crowd is sort of like a team feeling. It’s like we are in this together. The shows are pure adrenaline really.
As an Irish person living in Berlin, I see a lot of great DJs and electronic artists come out of Ireland. There seems to be an electronic boom (sorry for the pun) in Ireland for the recent years. What do you attribute this surge in dance music and club culture to?
Christy: I think Irish people are just amazing at having the craic. There’s no doubt about it. For some reason, we seemed to be a wire-y, giddy nation that just loves having a bop. I’ve heard so many international artists and DJs say that they love playing to Irish crowds because we just go for it. It was inevitable that there was going to be a club culture in Ireland. For such a small country, there is so much talent and there always was. I think the only difference is that people overseas are paying attention now.
The video for Just Want To is sublime, how did it come together?
Christy: I came across Alina Marie Rancier's work a while ago and mailed her to tell her I loved it. Alina was really approachable and we chatted a bit. Then, a few months later, when I knew we'd be releasing, I knew I wanted this release to feature some of her work. She’s an incredible artist. We chatted about the theme of not fitting in and swinging from wanting to be a part of a scene to hating the fact that you are a part of that scene.
We talked a lot about social insecurities and we really seemed to be on the same wavelength. We talked about the idea of representing some of these themes in a dance piece. Aline went and met Bailey Anglin, who choreographed the dance. Alina then styled, shot, edited and directed the piece. We knew it would be amazing just like all of Alina's work but we were still quite taken aback by just how good it turned.
If you had to pick a film to describe the Le Boom sound, what would it be and why?
Aimie: I would say Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The movie has the same sense of the craic that comes along with having good friends like we do with the band and crew and just enjoying yourself and not thinking about the worries. There is a good quote from the main character Ferris: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Also, it is an unreal movie!
What are you listening to on repeat at the moment?
Christy: We are both listening to loads of Peggy Gou at the moment. Really inspired by her quirky samples. Such feel-good music. Also, a good pre-gig bop for us!
You’re gearing up for a big United Kingdom and Ireland tour this summer. What are your three essentials for the road?
First, swimming shorts and bikini – we love a good swim in the sea! Second, some good podcasts. And third, a headspace app; we do a good bit of meditating when we’re on the road.
If you could have your choice of any artist to collaborate with, who would you pick and why?
Christy: Ah, that's a hard one. There are so many but I guess Nile Rogers would be pretty high up there. The guy is a genius when it comes to writing a banger. I obviously love dance music and any music that makes you want to move, but I really admire artists who can combine dance music with really good solid songs. I'm also a huge fan of Joseph Mount of Metronomy for the very same reason, so if you have any contacts there, please hook me up!
What does the future hold for Le Boom?
Christy: Plans are to put out some new releases this year that we are really excited to share with you. Possibly an album. And then gig wise, just keep pushing for bigger and better!
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