Lauren Ruth Ward welcomes June with the release of her new single, Messiah. One more demonstration of the artist's vocal strength, her ability to transmit and the energy that she gives off with her melodies. The singer is a bomb of energy determined to trace her own path, overcoming all kinds of obstacles and getting up every time she falls. And we have good news! You can see her live at Troubadour on June 5. Do not miss it!
But that is not all. In addition to being able to enjoy her powerful voice live, the artist is raffling off two tickets to attend the event. You can participate here and the winners will be announced on Friday morning. Win or not, we are lucky to be able to enjoy her new release, Messiah. “When they come she lets them into her fire / Warm aura feel good supplier / A belt loosens they belt for desire / They devour the taste of Messiah,” Ward sings on this new single. Her music comes from her guts, from her innermost self, and she gives it her all on stage.