In 2019, Lacoste and le Fleur* dropped a tennis-inspired collection, a meeting point between the essence of both brands that seemed the most obvious. Now, four years later since this first collab, they are coming back with a second release, out today. Only this time, it’s more preppy style.
But it’s not like they left the first idea that got them together –tennis– behind; they just changed the style in order to make the pieces more impactful or better, turning sports clothes into more carefully knitted garments. On le Fleur*’s Instagram account, we saw Tyler, The Creator –the brand’s founder and creative director– say that the cardigan from this new drop is one of the best things he has ever done.
Details are key in this collection. An embroidered crocodile with le Fleur*’s signature is the new exclusive logo, and it caught everyone’s attention pretty fast. But there are also these precious flower buttons in honour of the brand’s name. I won’t put any word in his mouth, but I presume they’re Tyler’s favourites too. In contrast to the 2019 drop, this is a fall collection, so the clothes are thought of for the colder season. So, consequently, we find the aforementioned cardigan as well as a fuzzy vest, polos and graphic tees, jackets –one of them with matching pants–, a skirt and another pair of trousers. It also includes two jewellery accessories, a pearl bracelet and a pearl necklace.
In these last years, Lacoste has improved a lot in its juvenile section. Now it’s more common to see in their commercials sportsuits, or windbreakers, while ten years ago their classic polos and maybe some sneakers were always the main characters. Recent collaborations with Netflix, Comme des Garçons, or the Lacoste Olympique Heritage collection –this one may be more classic– are contributing to this rebranding process.
On the other hand, le Fleur* has been working on maturing and establishing its identity. Their last collection with Globe-Trotter was about handcrafted luggage, which I see as another approach to the preppy style. So, combining both brands’ evolutions, there’s no other way to see this co-work but as a win-win.
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